FX Clearing Supplement: Unlocking the Potential and Exploiting the Benefits

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We’re pleased to feature in eForex’s FX Clearing Supplement: Unlocking the Potential and Exploiting the Benefits.

The supplement examines the current state of FX clearing, what’s driving adoption for market participants and the innovations in the pipeline.

Quantile’s Head of Product, Esben Urbak, joins LCH ForexClear’s COO & Head of Product, Andrew Batchelor, to discuss FX Smart Clearing and Optimised Backloading in a Q&A on pages 12 & 13. The Q&A highlights the rationale behind developing FX Smart Clearing and the impressive results of our recent proof-of-concept optimisation runs.

Quantile’s CEO, Andrew Williams, continues the conversation on pages 18 & 19, where he discusses our journey to date and how we’re helping FX participants juggle regulatory obligations and capital requirements with delivering healthy returns. He shares the details of our FX Counterparty Risk Optimisation service, which helps by reducing risk and optimising portfolios so they are easier, and cheaper, to maintain.

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