Quantile executes multicurrency emerging market compression run


Quantile recently delivered a multicurrency compression run to target four emerging market currencies (ZAR, CZK, PLN and HUF) simultaneously, increasing operational efficiency for network participants without compromising notional performance. The run successfully executed on 6th September and reduced a significant amount of notional across the participating network, which included global dealer banks and clearing brokers.

Quantile has executed multicurrency runs since 2019, typically combining G3 currencies with minor currencies. In response to network demand, we can combine the impact of four compression runs into one to deliver maximum efficiency. With global dealer banks regularly participating in our multicurrency runs, we deliver a deep liquidity pool and impressive results for our network.

Joining multicurrency runs is a cost and resource efficient way to clean and maintain your book across currencies and follows the same process as our usual compression runs.

Get in contact today to utilise this capability. We offer complimentary preliminary testing to ensure you’re comfortable with processing multicurrency trades.

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