Global Optimisation Service of the Year

Global Capital Global Derivatives Awards, 2021

Quantile wins Global Capital Global Derivatives Award 2021

Quantile, a leading provider of multilateral optimisation services, has been named the Global Optimisation Service of the Year at Global Capital’s Global Derivatives Awards 2021. The awards celebrate firms, industry bodies and regulators that have made significant strides during the past year.

Stephen O'Connor, Chairman and Co-Founder, accepting the award

Quantile’s optimisation service reduces counterparty risk and the costs associated with funding initial margin (IM). The multilateral optimisation process helps market participants meet the challenges of the uncleared margin rules (UMR) by analysing their portfolio and proposing a set of new market risk neutral trades that deliver cost reductions without changing net risk positions. By lowering margin costs, Quantile is able to release capital and boost market liquidity – accelerating a safer and more efficient financial system that is better for all.

Global Capital has recognised Quantile as a leader in its field due to the tremendous growth and innovation it has experienced in the last year, executing over 80 optimisation runs which significantly reduced margin costs across bilateral and cleared portfolios – often in excess of 50%. Other highlights from the last year include:

  • Executed the largest FX, interest rate and equities runs to date.
  • Grew our optimisation network by 40% and continue to actively onboard new participants, including the buy-side, to help them manage their margin requirements as they come into scope for UMR.
  • Became the first solution to optimise eight new cleared currency pairs at LCH ForexClear, enabling participants trading OTC FX derivatives to benefit from increased netting opportunities and enhanced risk and IM reduction.
  • Went live with OIS SONIA swaptions, enabling participants to hedge their GBP positions without disruption as the market transitions from LIBOR.
  • Released weekly enhancements to the optimisation process and algorithms, including key updates to cleared initial margin optimisation at LCH.
  • Increased the frequency of our interest rate runs to support growing client demand.
  • Launched a new-look client portal to improve the run process and enhance the user experience.

In addition to initial margin optimisation, Quantile also offers a market leading interest rate compression service and a capital optimisation service which helps participants optimise their risk-based capital under SA-CCR.

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