What makes Quantile, Quantile?

Our Values

Our Values

Quantile exists to reduce the size, risk and complexity of the derivatives market. By designing and delivering optimisation services which make portfolios cleaner and leaner – we boost our clients trading capacity and help the industry reach a healthy steady state.

We firmly believe that our services bring positive change to the market. At the heart of our business is a powerful optimisation engine – and at the heart of that – a team of talented, driven individuals who enable that change. Across teams and geographies, we are all united by a set of core values which make Quantile, Quantile.


We’re committed to designing and delivering game-changing solutions which make a positive impact. By prioritising doing the right thing above convenience, we’ve built a reputation as respected partners to the market who are trusted to accelerate a safer financial system.


We pride ourselves on our unfaltering commitment to excellence and our people strive to maintain the highest of standards. From everyday tasks to game-changing algorithms, we put quality above all else and don’t rest until we find a better way for business to be done.


We appreciate the power of a network, and our people come together across disciplines to achieve a deeper understanding of industry challenges – sharing knowledge and best practice. Enabling seamless collaboration promotes trusted engagement and empowers us to deliver what the industry wants, and what it needs.


We’re a deeply curious organisation, unafraid to question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. By cultivating curiosity and balancing efficiency with exploration, we’re able to innovate new solutions that deliver the most meaningful results. Our people are agile, passionate problem solvers who think deeply and thrive off continuous learning.


We value individuality and inclusivity – and believe that different backgrounds and characteristics help our business to reach its full potential. Our people unite over a desire to work together and to continually evolve to be the best that we can be.

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With proven credentials and record-breaking runs under our belt, our agility and ambition are unrivalled in the market.

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